Multi-award winning, Lebanese filmmaker, Elia Youssef was born in Beirut in 1986. For more than 10 years, he has strived to create groundbreaking documentaries that push through cultural boundaries. The variety of exciting assignments he completed early in his career enabled him to master his craft. Through filmmaking and directing TV commercials, music videos, television shows, and documentaries, Elia became determined to make a difference in the filmmaking industry. This mindset continues to fuel his desire to create thought provoking work that touches the soul of humanity.

Elia is a firm believer in the resurgence of nonfiction storytelling. He utilizes all the available tools of his trade to convey to audiences that truth is often stranger and more entertaining than fiction. This is very evident in his 2016 documentary film, “The Seventh Summit,” about mountaineers who take on the challenge of reaching seven summits. The film won Elia many awards and international recognition.

There is always something new to learn. That is Elia’s message and philosophy about the art of filmmaking. His deep ingrained passion for traveling, living life to the fullest, his fondness for sports, and appreciation for diversity has taken him around the world to learn new things, and of course, to film. After his training, he attended many workshops in an array of countries to increase his knowledge of the cultural differences in filmmaking techniques.

To this day, Elia’s quest to capture reality by filming characters in a truthful way is fresh, meaningful, and insightful. His talent for producing memorable cinematography with heart and purpose positions him to reach new heights, and realize new personal and professional achievements without limits in the ever changing film industry.

© 2018 by Elia Youssef, Director/ Filmmaker

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